Lock chase credit card

 Hey guys, in this article I am going to show you How to lock unlock your chase credit card.  You’re gonna use this option when you lost the auto car stolen. So the  first step is long in twos or chase account and then from the main page from the dashboard if you have multiple account.

Let’s select the credit and then you’re gonna see the car with the last 40 this number and the balance and all of the transition let’s click into the things. You can do box up into to right corner in the upper right corner and then right here you see the menu is locks and unlocks a cop and you can turn on the button to lock the cop and then there’s a lot I can’t show up and the status of the car keys lock and it’s a message you have locks or cop you can close a message and now when you go back to your dashboard you see that next to your credit card number is status law so right now SOCOM is wrong so no one can use a cop and this lock is only effective for the new transition let’s say if someone get or cop and trying to make a new buy transition offline or online or do the test at van it gonna be block ourselves transition gonna be block but recurring transaction like Azure subscription for the magazines or the bill for the Eternity views or cut the recurring transition still able to go through.

So if you confirm that you lost or cops the best way is going to order the new car so that’s the outcome is disable completely so that’s a quick tip to lock or freeze or carry calm just go into the box things you can do and they select lock and unlock a cop and then select to lock the cop and you’re gonna see the long icon and the lock status next choose a quality car and the car is temporary block from the ongoing transition.

Lock chase debit card

 Hi guys. so today on this section I am talking about Chase Bank and more specifically. I am going to talk about how to lock your Chase debit card on the chase mobile app. So let’s go ahead and talk about this, if you’re not familiar with Chase, it is one of the largest banking institutions in the u.s. I’m not sure, if they are international but I believe they are if you happen to know be sure to leave a comment below. But I Bank with Chase I bank with them for a very long time and I do have their app. if you don’t have their app be sure to click the link. I’ll try to leave a link there on how to set up your Chase mobile banking app. But I’m gonna go and open my app now.

Alright I went ahead and opened up the chase mobile banking app and again what I am gonna talk about is how to lock your Chase debit card why would you want to do that well there’s a couple of different reasons why you would want to lock your Chase debit card.  if you’re anything like me you may have lost your debit card at one point or another but this article help you. Not sure if it was stolen or lost and this article as I post. it’s kind of annoying when you report related to financial apps almost every your debit card lost or stolen they day cancel your card you have to change all of the automatic payments that are associated with.

It only to find out that it’s in your sock drawer or in your old pair of pants or something like that and there’s no way to keep that credit card number once the bank has cancelled that card number so the nice thing about locking in the card is it just temporarily locks the card in that way it gives you a chance to try to find it later on if you’re not able to find it then you can report it lost or stolen and have chase reissue a different card number so that’s one reason why you might want to lock your debit card another reason.

Why is if you happen to leave your debit card somewhere and you’re going to pick it up while it’s out of your possession. You can go ahead and lock the card and that way no one uses it in the meantime until you’re able to pick it up and lastly one thing you can do is you can lock and unlock the card as many times as you would like so as an added security precaution what you can do is lock your debit card until you’re about to use it then unlock it.

So for example if you’re gonna be traveling or going on a trip you can just keep the card blocked and then just unlock it each time if you’re going to do that make sure that you’re going to have Wi-Fi access because you do need to be able to access the to be able to lock it so let’s go ahead and go through these steps first off you want to go ahead and log into your Chase   mobile app I’m gonna go and do that off screen. You’ll need to enter your username and password unless you have your thumbprint registered or your face ID registered with Chase so let me go ahead and login now alright I went ahead and logged into my Chase mobile banking app and next what you want to do to find your debit card is go ahead and click on your account so that’s usually going to be your checking account.

If you have multiple checking accounts be sure you choose the checking account that you want to lock the debit card I only have one so I’m gonna go ahead and click on the balance of the checking account off screen and that way it opens up my account all right I went ahead and opened up my checking account and as you can see I here at the top is my checking account you can check to make sure it is the correct checking account and to find the place to lock and unlock your card it’s pretty easy what you want to do is scroll down past the balance and transactions and you’re gonna look for this right here.

It says account services and again it’s not really clear and easy but just be sure to scroll down through the balances down through the transactions and then this little section will pop up once you’re in this section then it’s pretty easy you see a right here lock and unlock card all you do is just click on that little icon to lock or unlock your Chase debit card all right I went ahead and clicked on the icon and this screen pops up so as you can see the description from Chase says  you can lock your card instantly to block new purchases and ATM withdrawals including those from your digital wallet fees credits and recurring transaction or installment payments like gym memberships or TV subscriptions won’t be affected.

So if you have recurring monthly transactions that bill on to the debit card they will still go through that doesn’t affect it but it does affect any kind of new transaction so for example if someone has your debit card and they swipe it at a gas station it’s not going to work if you activate this lock feature and also right here you can see it says when you find your card you can unlock it and use it right away with this little feature so let me go ahead and show you how it works pretty easy you can just click on it and lock it alright as you can see it is now locked it took about 2 to 3 seconds for that to engage and then this little icon pops you’ve locked our card now.

if you want to unlock it it’s basically the same thing you just click on it and now it says unlocked now it looks like a slide feature but it’s actually not what you want to do is be sure to click on it and then that’s what’s gonna change it not sliding it all right. So I went ahead and unlocked my card now I’m gonna leave it unlocked because I have the debit card in my position but I wanted to show you how to do that also be aware that when you lock and unlock your card you are   going to receive a notification or an email from Chase letting you know the change on the account so let me go and switch over to that email now all right so here is the email that you receive when your card is locked.

So once you click that icon and lock your debit card through the chase mobile app you will get this email notifying you that the account has been long you also receive a notification when the card is unlocked let me switch over to that email now all right so here is the email that you’ll receive from Chase once you unlock your card it is notifying you that the card is now ready to use so again it’s pretty easy just be aware that you will receive this for each time that you lock and each time that you unlock so there you have it that is how you lock and unlock your debit card through the chase mobile banking app hopefully you found the video useful if so click thumbs up and I hope to see on the next article thanks again for reading this article.

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