How does Bank of America lock credit card and debit card? Just see the article below, You can get your answer and  can learn a lot about Bank of America lock credit card ‍and lock debit card. At first I will discuss how to lock Bank of America  credit card.

Bank of America lock credit card

When you realize your credit card has been lost or stolen, you should immediately call Bank of America’s customer service number at 800.732.9194. If you’re outside the U.S., make sure to put 800 before the number above to make international calls. Because you should lock Bank of America credit card immediately.

Bank of America offers 24/7 customer service for the security of its customers’ credit cards. That means you can avail this facility any day, any time in case your credit card is lost or stolen by calling the number given above to prevent anyone from using it. After receiving the call, the customer service representative will provide the necessary information about your card to the customer service representative and, after verifying your data, will take steps to prevent your card from being used by anyone else.

I’ve  called  Bank of America  about lock  the credit  card using their mobile apps.  They say you cannot lock or unlock your Bank of America  credit card like their debit card.  So if your credit card gets lost or stolen , you have to just replace it or call  them and tell them  it’d been stolen in their locker or their uh replace it. And then, Finally They will lock your Bank of America credit card so that anyone cannot use your credit card. But you can’t just go to your app and lock and unlock your credit card.

So understand that if you want to lock Bank of America credit card, you must call the number given above and if you ask them to lock your credit card, they will lock your credit card. Then again , if you get the credit card for any reason , then you can unlock your Bank of America credit card again by calling them. But you can’t do this with their apps

The feature of the lock/unlocks through credit card apps is provided in various bank apps. Bank of America debit cards can easily lock and unlock through their app. But Bank of America lock/unlock credit card can not possible through their apps. Bank of America needs to remove this limitation. Then their customer can lock/unlock this credit card very quickly as the debit card is locked and unlocked. Hopefully, Bank of America will soon add the facility to lock/unlock their credit cards through apps.

Bank of America lock debit card

I will show you how to lock and unlock your Bank of America  debit card or your bank card with a Bank of America app. Say for instance, your debit card gets stolen or get lost, and you want to just lock until you find it or you want to unlock it. It’s pretty simple to do with this app. So first what you want to do is log on to your Bank of America with your app.

To lock Bank of America debit card, you must first have the Bank of America mobile banking application on your mobile. If you are an Android mobile user, then click on the Android mobile banking app download and install the app on your mobile, and if you are an iOS user, Click on the  IOS mobile banking app download and install on your mobile.


If you have correctly installed the Bank of America mobile banking app on your mobile then you will see the icon like the image inside the circle on your mobile screen. Then click on the app on the mobile screen



The sign-in page will appear. On the sign-in page, enter your information such as ID and password and click on the Sign in button. You will be logged into Bank of America’s mobile banking dashboard.

bank of america lock credit card sign in and dashboard

After that you click on the menu bar. After clicking on the menu bar and scrolling down the page that appears, you will find the debit card settings option. When you go down you see debit card settings, where it says lock/unlock card order a newer replacement.


You click on it and once you click on it, you see right here got your debit card. You just hit lock you say, Are you sure you want to lock, you just hit lock card and now your Bank of America debit card is locked. So if somebody try to use it the transactions will be denied.


Maybe a day or two later you find your card. You can hit the go back to the same spot and hit this unlock button right here and what it’s going to do is unlocks your debit card now.

Now what you do? You can’t just go on here with your bank app and put the lock or unlock. So you have to call them and tell them hey the card has been stolen or tell your kids hey put this debit card up. So that’s how you lock and unlock your debit card.


Right now it’s unlocked and there’s another way that you can lock and unlock your debit card. See you up here to in the top right where you see those three little lines a little red dot.


You can click on it and you can go down here where it says type or ask the question.  I can hit this red button and type ‘lock my credit card’.


The messages that I got automatically.. “If you lock your credit card you won’t be able to use it to make purchases or ATM withdrawal transactions made prior to locking the card won’t be affected would you like to continue”. You could hit right here – Yes, lock it or No, thanks”. Let me just hit the button say Yes lock it. Again the messages that I got automatically “You’re all set, your card is now locked. You can unlock it anytime with my help in the app or in online banking.


  So right now it is locked. if I go back i’m gonna click on my checking account and go down here to where it says debit cards and settings.  Click on it and you see right there it is locked.


I’m gonna go up here in the top i can just hit the button to unlock it. But i’m gonna just go up here to this red dot  type ‘unlock credit card’ and hit the little red button. Let’s see your card is now unlocked.  If I go back to my checking account and go where it says debit card settings you see it’s unlocked. So If I want to lock it again, I just hit the button, but that’s how easy it is but like i said we need a way to lock and unlock the debit cards. Anybody from Bank of America please make this active.

Summary: Bank of America credit card lock.

Call : 800.732.9194 to make local calls.

Or Call 800800.732.9194  to make international calls for Bank of America credit card lock quickly.

Summary: Bank of America debit card lock.

  1. Install Bank of America Mobile banking app
  2. Sign in
  3. Click of the Menu button.
  4. Please Select Manage Debit card/Credit Card.
  5. Click Lock/Unlock under the card image.

Finally, if you face any problem to lock Bank of America credit and debit card, you can email us. You will get the email address in our contact option. We will contact the authorities to resolve any issues related to your Bank of America credit and debit cards and let you know. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment on how useful the article was for you. All right, thanks for reading to my blog and have a great day.

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